Meet Karin Fittante

Award-winning Producer and Photo Art Director Karin Fittante is a rare entity; she was born and raised in New York City. She currently divides her time between NY and CA.

Starting out as a Photo Editor at magazines (Bon Appetit, Men's Health, New York Magazine, et al), Karin went on to Art Buy and Photo Art Direct for various clients from Campbell Mithun to Ogilvy & Mather.

Her insider's perspective culminated in the creation of Fittante Productions, an integrated company providing art buying, photo direction, and production services on both coasts.

In addition to seeing a production from inception to completion, Fittante Productions provide the following:

- Estimates / Bids / Budgets 

- Contract negotiations / Licensing / Usage

- Carnets, Permits, Visas, Hotels, Transportation

- Call Sheets, Pre-Pro Booklets, Schedules, Shooting scripts

- Casting, crew, catering, equipment, locations, studios, mohos, ubers, vans, etc.

- Post-production, Editing, Music oversight

Productions have occurred throughout the Caribbean, Europe, and North America, involving awesome food, beaches, explosions, golf carts, islands, llamas, ski lodges, yachts, and one very ticked off wolf.

She's been told she's fun to be around.